Our travel teams need your help!

Posted in Travel Update by on April 11th, 2023

Two of our chapter’s projects, Aqua Fria, Ecuador and Atahuallani, Bolivia will be traveling this summer to gather critical data to continue their work within their communities. Both teams are fundraising through Missouri S&T’s crowdfunding service in order to ease the financial burden of travel on their travel teams.

To visit these sites please visit http://crowdfunding.mst.edu and check our their respective project pages and to see more about their travel goals to donate to their cause.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the Atahuallani project lead, Anna Stephenson, for more details at amsny9@umsystem.edu


Posted by on May 14th, 2021

Dr. Gillis of the Civil, Environment and Architectural Engineering Department has been named as the new advisor of Engineers Without Borders-S&T effective immediately. Dr. Gillis has a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a PhD in Engineering Management and holds several certifications, including LEED AP BD+C and Project Management Professional (PMP), as well as holding the PE license. We are excited to welcome him to the team and look forward to working with him again.

Winter 2019 Newsletter

Posted by on April 30th, 2020

Read our 2019 Newsletter here below. This newsletter includes 2019 donation updates, team updates, and a student spotlight!

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 officer team!

Posted by on April 9th, 2020

Congratulations to our 2020-2021 office team as following:

  • President: Joel Hollander
  • Vice President: Nathan Erickson
  • Secretary: Hannah Keely
  • Treasurer: Auten Solvie
  • Fundraising: Megan Proper
  • Public Relations: Kirsten Lee
  • Programming Chair: Claire Pohlman
  • Training and Equipment Manager: Jacob Meiser
  • Health and Saftey Officer: Emma Gilham
  • Liaison: Peyton Kirchhoff

Congratulations and thank you for your hard work and willingness to step into larger roles within EWB-S&T!

EWB Spring 2020 Update

Posted by on April 9th, 2020

As many changes have been occurring in the spread of COVID-19, our chapter president, Liz Lemieux, has sent out an email with all updates moving forward for our university chapter. As per EWB-USA mandate, all travel to in-country communities has been suspended until further notice. Missouri S&T has moved all in-person classes to an online platform for the rest of the spring semester, and suspending all spring activities. So following our university steps, EWB S&T remainder spring fundraisers and other in-person meetings and activities will be canceled for the rest of the spring semester. We will be moving to use online platforms to continue to accomplish what work we can do. We are a motivated team that will find ways to continue to help others within our community, as well as globally. Please stay safe!


Posted by on April 17th, 2017

Our chapter currently has a crowdfunding campaign going on through the Missouri S&T crowdfunding website. We are hoping to raise $5,000 for our Puerto Pando team which is traveling this May to implement a large portion of their project that will greatly improve the water quality for their community.
Follow this link: https://crowdfunding.mst.edu/project/5618
Make sure to go check out the video and see how you can help.

Inaugural Golf Tournament

Posted by on March 1st, 2017

This year we are hosting a golf tournament at the St. James Golf Club. All proceeds go towards helping our communities in Guatemala, Honduras, and Bolivia. You can sign up as an individual for $75 or get a team of 3 together for $200. We will have a shotgun start at 1pm.

The fee you pay includes:
the green fee
a cart
2 drink tickets
dinner provided by Randy’s Roadkill

We have two specialty holes where prizes will be given to the winners. The specialty holes are closest to pin and longest drive.
We are selling Mulligans for $5 a piece or 3 for $10.

If you’d like to register please print off the flyer, fill it out, and return it to the address listed or contact Emily Echele at eaegf8@mst.edu. If you have any questions, please reach out to us. We hope to see you there!

Thank you to our sponsors
Gold :

Beverage Mart
Kingdom Kia
Town & Country Bank
Purple Strands Hair Studio
Investment Reality

Nahualate, Guatemala Travel Update Fall 2016

Posted by on February 13th, 2017

Major milestones were reached during the Thanksgiving Implementation trip to Guatmala for the potable water project in Nahualate. The installation of a 20HP submersible well pump and the completion of the distribution system during a five day trip in November 2016 will bring clean running water to the 500 families living in the community. A team of 6 students and 2 mentors travelled to Guatemala to oversee the installation of the well pump and perform initial tests on filling the 15,000 gallon elevated tank. Working with our in-country partners the team accomplished their goals by pumping water to the tank and emptying the tank via the distribution system. The community of Nahaulate celebrated in this milestone and eagerly await the water system to provide clean drinking water in their homes. Only a few tasks remain before the system can be tested as a whole, namely the 3-phase power required to operate the well pump must be mended by the power utility in the area. We are working closely with this company and predict a successful start in early 2017.

Interview with Andreu (Juan) in Puerto Pando

Posted by on November 30th, 2016

How old are you?
32 years

What is your role in the community?
I am the sub-president for the urbanization of Puerto Pando. I lead when the alcalde (president/mayor) is not here.

How long have you lived in the community?
I have live in in the urbanization for the last 8 years.

What is your profession?
I attended university in La Paz for two years where I entered my studies in agricultural engineering and later came back here. I work as a carpenter by looking at furniture and then recreating it from what I saw. A so serving the community as the sub-president.

Why did you not continue education in La Paz?
La Paz was not home, I did not like the business of La Paz and I wanted to help those here. University taught me much but I could not continue and not help now. I did not have money to continue education at the university but I can still make money here.

How do you feel about the current water system in Puerto Pando?
Our water is not very clean. We must boil the water before we use it and sometimes there isn’t any water for us to use. Some people use the river for bathing and doing laundry because they don’t have any water near their homes. Our new system is working fairly well but there are problems with the tank that we know will cause it to stop working. We don’t like the color of the water because it is milky and is making people sick, especially the children. We are willing to work and do anything we can to get the community clean water but we don’t always know how.

Are you willing to help pay for the maintenance of a new water system?
Yes. I know that a new and better system might require the members of the urbanization to pay more and I know we all will help pay it. We pay a small fee currently for our system and if we can have clean water we are willing to pay what we must to make that happen.

What do you think about Engineers Without Borders being in Puerto Pando?
The students and adults are here to help our urbanization achieve our goal of getting clean water to the community. We have needed clean water for years and our system is not lasting. We are glad you have come because it means we will have water soon and things will be easier from now on.

Do you understand how we, Engineers Without Borders, help the community? We have been here for two days now and you have seen what we are doing. Do you have questions?
I understand that you are here to help everyone. You have asked the other (community members) questions about our water and the lives we have and I know that is for you to help. What you are doing with the machine, surveying the land, I don’t quite understand but I know it will help us because you have done this before. We want to help everyone succeed and that is why we have gone with you when you go in the jungle and to the spring. If we help you it can help everyone with new water. How long with it take to get clean water? [We do not have a set date but we will work as fast as we can.] What can I do and what can the urbanization do to help you? [I don’t know yet but we will have a list before we leave.]

In order for our organization to travel to Puerto Pando and other communities, we need the help of donors (people who give us money to help others, like Puerto Pando) who make it possible to come here and get you water. Do you have anything you would want to say to these people?
We are thankful for the help these students give us. We have just meet (together) and already I know they will help the urbanization. I understand you provide money to these students and that you make it possible to help us. For that I say thank you from my community and myself for finding and helping us. We hope you help others too like out urbanization.

Day of The Dead 5K

Posted by on September 25th, 2016

The Day of the Dead 5K is one of our biggest fundraisers we do each year. It is held at Meramec Vineyards on the weekend of Halloween. It is a beautiful run and tends to be a very nice temperature at that time of year. It costs $20 to register before hand and $30 on race day, that registration fee also includes a t- shirt. To register for the race go to https://racesonline.com/events/engineers-without-borders-day-of-the-dead-5k-run.course-map 5kmail-in-form

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