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Have a question? Want to participate? Not sure how to donate? Contact us at, and we will get back with you as soon as possible. If you have a specific question, our leader contacts are listed below.

Alternatively, you may contact our organization at this address: 

116 Kummer Student Design Center

1051 Bishop Ave

Rolla, MO 65409-1410

Executive Board


Megan Proper (

The President administers all business concerning the organization, acts as a liaison between our chapter and external organizations, and leads our general meetings.

Vice President

Natalie Wohlgemuth (

The Vice President has previously served as a program lead. They are the liaison between program leads and the executive board. They also assist the President with his/her duties and act on behalf of the President in his/her absence.


Michelle Griffin (

The secretary is in charge of all of our listserves. They are responsible for keeping all documents organized and keeping track of member participation.


Jack Koller (

The treasurer manages all money received or disbursed. They are responsible for documenting all income and expenditures in partnership with the SDELC administration. They construct the budget for the organization.

Public Relations

Duncan Alcorn (

The Public Relations Officer creates publicity for the chapter by informing Missouri S&T and the community of all upcoming events. They create newsletters, fliers, posters, and videos for the chapter. They also maintain and update the EWB-S&T website and social media accounts.

Fundraising Chair

Jennifer Collens (

The Fundraising Chair is responsible for finding funding for our chapter. A significant amount of our funding comes from grants and large donations. We also host fundraising events, including the Rolla Showcase, and golf tournament.

Health and Safety Officer (HSO)

Cruz Becerra (

The Health and Safety Officer works with International Affairs and upholds EWB-USA policies in regards to health and safety requirements for the teams. They also plan First Aid, CPR, and Wilderness First Aid trainings.

Training and Equipment Manager (T&E)

Jacob Taylor (

The Training and Equipment Manager coordinates training (construction, software, etc.) for EWB-S&T members and manages all equipment of EWB-S&T members and manages all equipment borrowed for EWB-S&T purposes.

EWB Liaison

Gabe Alden (

The EWB Liaison interacts with Professional EWB chapters by providing updates on EWB-S&T projects. They also help procure professional mentors for the EWB-S&T chapter.

Programming Chair

Raylynn Nicholson (

The Programming Chair is responsible for organizing programs. This includes finding general meeting speakers, running BBQ fundraisers on campus, and planning our participation in Truck or Treat.

Program Leads

Agua Fria, Ecuador

Sophia Brouwer (

Hannah Keely (


Paraje Xecaxjoj, Guatemala

Madi Wieberg (

Katie Wise (


Atahullani, Bolivia

Cameron Fox (

Anna Stephenson (


Diez de Abril, Bolivia

Nathan Erickson (



  • Chris Ramsay (
  • Dave Hoffman (
  • Dr. Showalter (
  • Dr. Christi Luks (
  • Dr. Nathan Leigh (
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